Lelo Pleasure Objects


All Lelo products are available from stock at the Rimba warehouse in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands.
Orders can be made online on the Rimba website, you need a login code.

Rimba has devided the LELO assortment into 7 different product groups.


LELO Vibrators :
Nea, Siri, Lily, Liv, Gigi, Iris, Elise, Mia, Ina, Mona, Bo, Bob, Billy and Tor.


LELO Insignia Vibrators :
The most exclusive adult toys, Alia, Isla, Soraya, Lyla, Tiani and Oden.


LELO Non-Vibrating-Toys :
Ella, Bob and Luna Beats.


LELO Accessories : 
Eye Masks, Silk Cuffs, Feather Teasers and Leather Whips.


LELO Body Care : 
Water based Lubricant, Masage Oils, Massage Candles.


LELO Shopping Displays :
Wall display, Island display, Counter display and toy supports.


Luxurious 18 K Gold and polished stainless steel.


Please note that if your product is rechargeable, it will be locked for transportation.
To unlock, simply press the centre of the dial, or both the plus and minus buttons together, and hold for 5 seconds.
Alternatively, you can plug in the charger to unlock and build up the charge.